Detoxifying drink

India is known for ayurveda and herbal medicines, today I’m going to tell you a simple drink that if consumed regularly then within a month your skin will glow and you will fell very light and refreshed as it boosts the metabolism of the body which leads to overall changes in the body.

To make this you only need 2 to 3 ingredients and you can make it in two ways.

Recipe- boil 2 cups of water , add 1 t spoon turmeric powder bring it to a boil and serve hot. See it was that easy . Now the second recipe- take 1 cup milk and add 1 t spoon turmeric powder and jaggery to your taste. Bring it to a boil and serve it hot ir cold .

It’s best for winters but you can have it both on winter and summer. Do take this drink and you will see visible changes.

Immunity Booster Drink

We spend lots of money in multi vitamins and energy drinks though we know that it may leave you with some side effects. But today it has become a trend to consume these rather than eating natural healthy and home made immunity Boosters. In India we have lost of recipes like this which are being used for ages . Today’s immunity booster is one of them.

Take 1 cup coriander seeds , 3 to 4 cardamom seeds , 1 t spoon fennel seeds, 1 t spoon black pepper, and 1 t spoon cumin seeds. Rost it in a low flame. Grind it and store it in a airtight container.

Recipe- take 1 cup water bring it to a boil and then mix the prepared mixture 1 t spoon. Stir it well and then add 1 cup milk and jaggery. After a boil strain it and you can have it both hot or cold .

You can use this as your morning drink , this will replace the expensive multivitamin and energy drinks.

Prevention is better than cure.

As you know the severity of the situation, you have to understand that prevention is better than cure . Do not wait to get the virus to take safety measures , do not neglect and be lazy . Take precautions . Washing hands , using sensitizers , wearing masks are something you religiously have to follow but that’s not all.

You have to take care of your immune system also, try to intake maximum amount of vitamin c . Drink lemon water at least 3 times a day . Eat lots of fruits specially watermelon and Indian gooseberry as it contains high level of vitamin c .

In India we intake lot of tea , and it is said that tea also helps the prevention of corona virus . Today I’ll share a recipe which is very beneficial for health and will also help your body to fight against the virus.

I’ve previously posted a tea recipe for weight loose , that recipe is the base for this recipe too. Add 2 cups of water and add 1 t spoon of this weight loose powder and 1 t spoon of tea powder . Wait till the water reduces to 1 cup , strain the tea add milk and jaggery as per your taste.

Tea without milk – the recipe remains the same , but you need not need to add milk , if it’s too bitter for you then you can adjust the quantity of water and add more water . and at last put a pinch of salt .It’s called black tea. It is said to be more beneficial than milk tea . It is best to take it hot but if it’s too hot in your region and you can’t take hot beverages then you can consume it cold as well . Ice tea also works well .

Benefits – Drinking tea has many benefits , no matter what the season , tea can be tasty beverage since it can be served iced or hot. Tea contains antioxidants, has less caffeine than coffee , reduces risk of heart attack , helps in weight loss.

Jaggery – boost the total count of haemoglobin in the blood , helps control BP , prevents pimple , cleans blood , low fat .

Black paper – high antioxidants , anti inflammatory properties, improve blood sugar control , lower cholesterol , cancer fighting properties .

Clove – high antioxidants , may help protect against cancer, kills bacteria , improve liver health , regulates blood sugar level , reduces stomach ulcers.

Ginger – improves indigestion , cures cold and flue , reviling pain , lower cancer risk .

Fennel seed – maintains BP , good for constipation , indigestion IBS and bloating , asthma , helps purifying blood , improves eyesight, great for acne.

Cardamom – antioxidants , lowers BP , cure chronic disorders, anti inflammatory, helps with digestive problems , treats bad breath.

Cinnamon – anti inflammatory , antioxidant , hormonal imbalance, heart disease, anti diabetic.

Basil leaf – good for digestion , anti inflammatory , fights depression , detoxifies body, liver function .

Mint leaf – indigestion, anti inflammatory , cure headache, mild flue , cold .

Diy hand sanitizer

Corona virus has broken through all the countries, and one important thing which can help us fight this virus is hand sanitizer. But currently we are running out of sanitizers.

Today I’m going to share 2 recipes which will work just like a normal hand sanitizer.

1st recipe- spirit,aloe vera gel, vitamin e capsule, essential oil. Mix 1 cup spirit with 3 to 5 t spoon of aloe vera gel, 10 drops of tea tree essential oil and 2 to 3 vitamin e capsule .

2nd recipe- take 1 hand full of neem leaves boli it with 2 cups of water until it reduces to 1 cup . Let cool then add a small piece of crushed kapoor and fitkiri . Mix the powder with the neem water. Add essential oil and vitamin e capsule as preservatives.

Take care of your health along with the environment

We are facing q huge crisis now , now taking care of our health has become the biggest concern of human kind

But in this we are forgetting to take care of our environment. This virus is not only killing people but also killing the zero waste movement.

So we have to make sure that this can’t win ovsr us . We will take care of ourselves as well as the environment.

We have to stay hygienic and clean, this doesn’t mean that we have to torture the environment. With only simple habits and awareness we can fight this.

We are suppose to use surgical masks and after one use trow it in the waist bin , it’s necessary to do so but we can maintain hygiene without creating waste.

It’s ok if you’re not using a surgical mask what you can do is stock more than 2 cloth masks dor one person. If you’re wearing a mask than wash it immediately after coming home. And use another one. Don’t use the used mask without washing.

Like this you’ll not only save money but also the environment and yourself.

You can also make your own diy face masks.

Using tissue was never a favourable thing for me . But because of the condition now people are bound to use more tissues than before. Just like the face mask try keeping 2 to 3 handkerchief with you and wash it every time you use it .

Keep more than 2 handkerchief and face mask with you while going out .

Keep a hand sanitizer hendy . Wear glasses. And stay safe.

Weight loss drink

Take dried ginger, cinnamon ,clove cardamom, back paper ,and fennel seeds along with dried basil and mint leaves.

Grind them together and make powder.

Recipe- take 2 cups of water,bring it to a boil . When the water is boiling add 1 tablespoon of this mixture. Let it boil until the water consistency reduces to 1 cup.

Let cool and drink it while it is warm . Take this 3 times a day . Early in the morning at empty stomach and after lunch and before going to bed.

Taking this at empty stomach will help detox the toxins and help the digestive system.

Continues use will make the skin look healthy and glowy and also reduce the weight.

Diy anti ageing mask

1 tablespoon pumpkin puree , 1 tablespoon yogurt, honey, extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil.

Apple all over the skin and let cool for 30 minutes.

Rinse off and apply aloe vera gel afterwards.

Make sure to use it 3 times a week and not to store the mixture. Make fresh mixture every time you plan to apply the mask.

Pumpkin has vitamin A C and E which helps remove the dead cells from the skin .

Yogurt and honey will help moisturize the skin and remove blemishes. Coconut oil or olive oil works as the natural moisturizer.